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"I would like to rate 100 out of 10! to be honest. This retreat was almost too good for me!"
"The best hotel I have ever stayed, the best food I have had, and the best hospitality I have ever received! Everything was so beautiful!"
"Hotel is so beautiful, I never got bored to look at it, wonderful building. very very clean."
"The manager was really really nice,all the time! He is so calm, very professional and perform the best hospitality!! I asked so many things but he never change his face, always smile and organise d in the best way, straight away. I felt so safe and comfortable although my first trip to Thailand."
"All the staff there were so nice, charming girls, very polite and friendly! I loved everyone!!"
"Chefs were amazing. Food was just fantastic! Everything I had there was delicious! I couldn't wait for the meal time. I could see that chefs cook the food so carefully and with love. Menus were so interesting. I could try and learn many kinds of interesting northern thai dishes. If I didn't eat there, I may not have liked the traditional dishes though. After I left the hotel I tried different restaurants or bought some fruits and food in Chiang Mai but I didn't like any of them. I was so spoiled by the delicious food at this hotel. Fruits were amazing! Rice were incredible! I was always missing the food I had there.But no wonder it's amazing, they have their own farm and grow organic rice, vegetables and fruits there. I am so impressed by the owner who is doing this."
"She is a wonderful lady and very interesting person! I was so lucky to know her! I loved talking to her about food, macrobiotic, her business and more. I never thought I could eat macrobiotic food in Thailand. and more, it was delicious,probably the best. She is so talented and has so much love. I could see why this hotel is so beautiful. I really respect this lady."
"I was so lucky to learn cooking privately from this amazing chef. Visiting local markets were interesting."
"I really liked a yoga teacher. She was so nice! I felt 1 hour was too short as I wanted to learn from her more. She could see what I need to do and adjasted so quick, so well. She is so professional."
"And every time I was having massage, I felt so luxuary. Beautiful setting, I felt I was a queen!"
"This hotel changed my life. People who I met were just wonderful. I am in love with this place."
"I wish I could go back sometime.... I will!"

Review by Kumi Hozaki from United Kingdom website, edited

"The place was simply heaven on earth! I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed my stay there."
"I was given a warm, personal and welcoming but also extremely professional VIP service. "
"- The hotel manager made sure that I enjoyed every bit of my stay - checked often if the schedule, the food and program works well for me. It really felt like his main goal is to me *me* as happy as I can be. On the last day I wanted to skip some of the program so I can see elephants and he rescheduled everything so I can enjoy both the elephant trip, the massage and the food. "
"- The cooking lesson and visit to the market was one of the most authentic and amazing experiences I had in Thailand. The owner was extremely patient showing me every stand and explaining me about every fruit and vegetable, then taking me to see how coconut milk and cream are manufactured. "
"- The yoga teacher was professional and even though according to schedule we only had 1 hour a day - made sure it would be effective and relaxing. "
"- The masseuse lady gave me the most amazing massages I had in Thailand (and I had a lot of them) - taught me that there is a great difference between a professional massage and those you get in the streets. "
"- The rest of the staff were also super nice. Seems like they all knew exactly my schedule, and they helped me fit it. "
"- The food was delicious, pretty and healthy which is not easy to come by. "
"- The place itself is just beautiful - I couldn't stop taking pictures of the interior and exterior design."
"It's like everything there was tuned for maximal relaxation and satisfaction. It truely redefined the word pleasure for me and I'm grateful for every day I spent there."

Review by Or Shachar from Illinois, USA website, edited

"My friend and I spent 5 days at Ruen Come In Residence & Restaurant and we absolutely loved the experience!"
"The staff was very professional and diligent - everything was ready when expected to be and the level of service was exceptional!"
"The hotel itself was all wooden and very quaint, you can tell how much thought and effort was put into the construction with little details like the different door handles for each room."
"The organic farm market visit was a great activity to start with, we were able to try out many local homemade dishes and see how the locals shop! The cooking class was great as we were show the traditional way of making curry. The owner was our teacher and you can tell she's full of wisdom and have a keen interest for healthier cooking/living. Overall, my friend and I were never hungry, we were constantly filled with healthy yummy food from breakfast to dinner, the only complaints we had was maybe too munch yummy food!"
"I felt the yoga class could be longer or maybe have 2 session per day, but the instructor they brought in was very knowledgeable, and adjusted the difficulty level fluidly during the course. She also asked us what we want to focus on, so I felt quite engaged and in control the whole time. The daily massages were heavenly; everything was setup while we were at breakfast, we just had to walk in and enjoy the different styles."
"Our stay was truly wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone! The staff really treats their guest like family and we felt like we are always welcome to come back."

Review by Yun Wu from Toronto, Canada website, edited

A Chiang Mai PARADISE!

A friend and I booked the 4-day yoga retreat at Ruen Come In this past March. 
One of the lovely staff members (the name escapes me now) told us that they strive to treat each guest like they would their own family, and I can attest to the truth of this statement. I will try to capture just how wonderful this retreat and this hotel is now by describing the retreat. 
We started each morning with a fresh coconut juice as we prepared for the one-hour yoga session. I am VERY unfamiliar to yoga, but the instructor went through the poses slowly and gave me a lot of valuable tips to improve by myself. 
Then came breakfast. Each meal was GOURMET to say the very least, and we enjoyed some of best cuisine Thailand has to offer in 3-course meals. 
Each day we had a special activity planned for us such as visiting the local market, having a cooking class with the interesting and inspiring owner of the hotel, and exploring a famous temple. 
Each day was rounded off with amazing MASSAGES. We enjoyed thai, oil, foot, and aromatherapy massages. 
I'm hoping to bring my own family there to experience the fantastic stay I had in Ruen Come In.

Review by Victoria M from Toronto, Canada

TripAdvisor website, edited

"A relaxing and rejuvenating vacation"

The friendly and professional service team  The cooking class  The delicious and healthy meals.

Review by Eliza Chan from Hong Kong website, edited

"Best Macrobiotic food EveR!!"

The yoga lessons are the less important. I wouldn't call It yoga retreat but Healing Macrobiotic retreat. The lessons were very short and only once a day. The place is beautiful but its surroundings not much. It is very close to one of the main highways and you can also listen all the flights landing on. The rooms and the common areas are really comfortable and very clean. The staff is wonderful and the swimming pool is also very good. I love all about this retreat except that It is not in real Deep Nature ;)

I really enjoyed the food and how Mai, the owner of the place is so delicate and diligent when preparing everybody's meals. The products directly come from their organic garden and its a real pleasure and bless eating there!!

Review by María Trinidad Pinar Pinar from Thailand website, edited

Totally Pampered!


No problems or anything negative to say at all! It was a great program.


The facilities were luxurious, the staff extremely helpful and a healthy and delicious diet was planned and served to me. My treatments at the spa were amazing and so relaxing. I also had the opportunity to attend cooking classes and enjoyed these too. I would highly recommend the Ruen Come In retreat and hope to return again some day.

Review by Joanne Roberts from Australia website, edited

Wonderful experience and having a great time there. The accommodation and food quality are excellent. All staff there are very attentive and friendly. The program is well designed. I wish I will be there again very soon.

Review by Sonia Leung from Hong Kong website, edited

“I felt like a queen. ”

The food, the services, the accommodations, the staff... They were all amazing! I loved the daily spa treatments and yoga sessions. I learned how to cook Thai food. I was overjoyed with my experience and would recommend this place to anyone.

Review by Whitney R from U.S.A.

TripAdvisor website, edited

"Wonderful experience"

Not knowing what to expect from a yoga retreat, I was little nervous as well as excited; however from the pick up from the airport...which was very late...I was made to feel so welcome. The hotel is in a quiet, secluded location with gorgeous rooms and friendly, helpful staff. The yoga was wonderful; followed by equally wonderful as well as relaxing massages. Trips and cooking course were also included; making my trip an all round wonderful experience and one I will recommend to all my yogi friends.

Review by 117linds from U.K.

TripAdvisor website, edited

Fabulous stay with fantastic staff and service!

Large and comfy room. I would say the Yoga Retreat were a little under my expectation but the lovely massages and food as well as the cooking class were perfectly organised. Thank you to Mai who open my eyes on organic farming. Patt and team offer 5 star services! Well recommended if you want a cosy holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Review by Peck woon L from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TripAdvisor website, edited

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